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The Essential Collection

A product line of 12 premiere quality formulations with essential oil fragrancing. This collection is packaged in a natural recyclable soft shouldered 350 ml (12 fl. oz.) bottle with a natural disk top cap.

Rosemary Mint Shampoo

  • Excellent for permed, color-treated and dry, damaged hair
  • A luxurious flash foaming shampoo that moisturizes and strengthens the hair while gently cleansing
  • Adds shine and body
  • Contains humectants and moisture retention proteins
  • Fragranced with essential oils of rosemary and spearmint
  • Restores elasticity for improved cuticle fitness
  • pH 4.5-5.0

Bergamot Tangerine Shampoo

  • A rich lathering shampoo that gently cleanses all hair types
  • Adds strength, body and shine using panthenol and keratin proteins
  • pH 5.5-6.0
  • Fragranced with bergamot, tangerine, lavender
  • Adds volume and body to fine hair

Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Shampoo

  • Fortified with essential oils of the Tea Tree and the Eucalyptus leaf
  • Promotes healthy hair and scalp
  • Bathes hair and scalp in richly hydrating environment
  • pH balanced

Rosemary Mint Conditioner

  • Contains panthenol and botanical extracts to restore moisture balance and elasticity to hair
  • Imparts body and shine
  • Instant detangler
  • Essential oils of rosemary and spearmint
  • Low pH promotes cuticle fitness

Kukuinut Jojoba Treatment

  • Restores moisture to dry , damaged hair
  • Can be used with or without heat
  • Contains a blend of keratin proteins for strength and humectants for moisture
  • Essential oils of kukuinut and lavender
  • Contains jojoba oil for its humectant properties
  • Penetrates deep into cortex to restore elasticity
  • Low pH smoothes cuticle

Lavender Mist

  • A spray-on formulation that imparts conditioning and moisture
  • Light conditioning and instant detangling
  • Botanical extracts and natural humectants
  • Contains essential oil of lavender to soothe stresses tresses
  • Low pH for cuticle fitness

Rosewood Lavender Gel

  • A medium hold gel designed for blow drying, detailing and curl definition.
  • Botanical extracts and special ingredients add lots of shine
  • Will not build-up or flake
  • Water soluble
  • Rub in palms to break up to working consistency

Essential Body

  • Adds energy to limp hair and volumize all hairtypes
  • Alcohol-free style support
  • Enhances natural movement and texture
  • Use with blow-dryer to provide control and extra body
  • Contains rosewood for restorative effect
  • Excellent “primer” for all hair types

Grapefruit Scrunch

  • Use for heat styling, adds control, body, fullness with hold
  • Volumize- add shine and texture
  • Convenience of spray with support of stronger gel

Lavender Fixx

  • All day hold with this versatile non-aerosol styling product
  • Volumize, texturize, add body.
  • Humidity resistant- no flaking- botanical extracts and humectants add shine
  • Repeat application for even stronger hold
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